Why Miracle- loves to FIRST PICK Shadow Fiend, EASY Double MMR

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Miracle 2 games playing Shadow Fiend in ranked. Where he first picked the hero in both games for the safelane

In today's video we have Nigma Miracle- carry position 1 gameplay dota 2.

Here I show you Miracle dota 2 player perspective of the game (POV) with my own analysis.

Miracle- is one of the most famous players in the game since he reached top 1 MMR Ranked years ago. He is a player part of the Team Nigma roster currently active.

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I provide text and voice analysis of this match to give an educational value for people who want to increase their MMR, also item timestamps to mark goals for players who want to learn about item timings and I give some Dota 2 tips along the video.

This gameplay is recorded and edited by ME (the owner of the channel) and I am complying with VALVE's video policy, so I'm authorized to upload these kind of videos. Thumbnail is also made by me.

Dota 2 version: 7.36c
Hero: SF
Player: NGX Miracle
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