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Xbox is DEAD?! ALL Games coming to PS5?! Halo, Gears, FORZA, EVERYTHING! We previously covered news on Call of Duty Warzone, SBMM, XDefiant, PS5 & Xbox. We're currently also having a lot of conversations about Sweet Baby Inc and Gamer Gate 2 right now in gaming as gamers had enough with Woke stuff in video games. We also have a lot of cheaters issue in Call of Duty and fps games. Guys like Call of Shame and BadBoy Beaman has been trying to catch cheaters like Nadia, Swagg, Zlaner, JoeWo and many others.

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RiP JGod caught cheating...

Nadia is now banned and blacklisted from Call of Duty & Activision

COD Killer? - ALL TOP FPS Games YOU can play in 2024 | Battlefield, Xdefiant, Finals

This SADLY Just Happened LIVE to TimTheTatMan, DrDisrespect, Swagg, Bams, COD Warzone

COD 2024 & Zombies Gameplay - (Call of Duty 2024, MW3 Zombies, Warzone, PS5 Xbox)

Gamers Caught Cheating - Activision, Swagg, Nadia, Bams, JoeWo, COD Warzone Cheaters

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All ULTRA REALISTIC Games in Unreal Engine 5 coming out in 2024 | PS5, Xbox Series X, PC

GTA 6 Trailer 2 and Pre-Orders - 30 Hours LEAKS, GTA World, GTA 6 Gameplay, MrBossFTW

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IGN Destin Just EXPOSED Gaming - Baldur's Gate 3 PS5 & Xbox

Asmongold Reacts to "Starfield is Pure Trash" Xbox PS5

HeelvsBabyface Starfield Pronouns rant & The Act Man + Hasanabi slams

Activision bans Nadia from Call of Duty & Warzone event

DrDisrespect cancelled over Starfield Pronouns. TheActMan & HeelvsBabyface

Starfield cancellation.. Xbox & PlayStation Fanboys MAD

First Battlefield 6 Trailer Teaser Just Dropped (BF6 PS5 & Xbox)

Gamers Caught Cheating... Activision FIRING, Faze Swagg, Nadia, Zlaner

Nickmercs Skin Removed - Faze Rain REVEALS Truth about Nickmercs, Dr Disrespect & TimTheTatMan

PS5 & Xbox Activision FANS Outrage (Spiderman 2, GTA 6, Zelda, COD, Redfall)


Faze Jev Said This About Activision and Call of Duty

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DrDisrespect New Game Deadrop Gameplay

i Quit... DrDisrespect Just EXPOSED Activision (COD Streamers MAD) - (Call of Duty & Warzone)

IT JUST CONFIRMED - Faze Swagg & Aydan fighting for Nadia?, xQC, Pokimane, MrBeast

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GTA 6 Trailer & Gameplay Details

PS5 PRO Just Leaked, Treyarch Quits COD - Cyberpunk Update, Hogwarts Legacy, God of War PS5 & Xbox

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Call of Duty GETTING REMOVED on PlayStation? (Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision)

GTA 4 Remastered Tease & Rockstar Responds to GTA Trilogy Fans

PlayStation 6 Graphics - MetaHuman Creator (Unreal Engine)

MW3 Remaster & MW2 Remastered Multiplayer

PS5 Overheating and Xbox Series X Bricking

Xbox Series X Fridge Unboxing and PS5 Unboxing

Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X Specs, Price & Release Date

Nvidia RTX 4090 8K Gameplay

PS5 Pro & The Last of Us 3

PS5 vs Xbox Series X (Full Specs Comparison)

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