The Nintendo Switch GameCube Situation Gets Interesting + New Breakthrough Hits The PS4 | News Wave

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For the past few years rumors have swirled around the idea of GameCube games finding their way to the Switch Online Service. Now a new discovery shows Nintendo working on a controller that could show plans for the move. The PS4 just saw a major breakthrough with emulation taking a step forward for Sony's last generation system.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Start

00:48 - Mario Rabbid Sparks Of Hope Is The NSO Trial Game

1:57 - F Zero 99 Update 1.4.0 Adds New Features

3:22 - Ys X Nordics Western Release Date

4:26 - New NSO Controller Rumor

9:14 - Final Fantasy XIV Is Reportedly Heading To Phones

11:30 - New PS4 Emulator Is Starting To Boot Games Like Bloodborne

13:24 - GTA V DLC Was Scrapped

16:01 - Poll

17:18 - Comment Of The Day

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